Over the course of the pandemic, we have seen cities burn out. The arts, a collaborative field, have struggled immensely as artists thrive off of bustling cities and people. Intersecting Lines, a podcast series featuring local Seattle authors, is our project made in hopes to rekindle connections between writers within Seattle, in between writers and the city itself. In such troubling times, we believe finding the overlaps of our art, of our experiences as artists, and inspirations can give solace to the writing community and beyond. We hope to help build bridges between the islands we have become over the course of the pandemic.

Adele and Ayezah are both youth alum from the BTL: Identity and Belonging ’21, collaborating with both published and unpublished authors from various different backgrounds, writing genres, and connections to the city of Seattle. Funding for Intersecting Lines has been provided by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art's Building Bridges Program via the International Writing Program and the University of Iowa as the implementing partners.

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